National Institute for Scuba Diving - Established since 1980
Coastal Underwater Cleanup Day 2014

NISD National Institute for Scuba Divers in Lebanon, HSBC Bank and Wardieh holding organized the 10th annual underwater diving clean up day.

NISD has been in the business of diving since 1979 and involved in various underwater environmental issues trying to protect and preserve the Lebanese underwater world healthy for our future generations.

This year, NISD, HSBC bank and Wardieh Holding organized the cleanup day inviting all Divers in Lebanon to participate in this important day.

Divers operated in and out from NISD HQ based at Zaitunay bay, finding a large amount of garbage underwater.

This underwater garbage comes mainly from unconscious citizens, fisherman and corniche walkers throwing their garbage in the sea.


Approximately 1 ton of garbage was picked up from the sea and later removed by Sukleen who have been very helpful all these years sending their trucks and personnel to contribute in that event.





The garbage picked up was mainly composed of

  • 50% cans

  • 45% Plastic , bottles, cups and bags

  • 5% Rubber tires


NISD will keep organizing this event every year bringing more awareness, in the hope that the divers' message get to be heard widely in all our Lebanese soil protecting all our underwater world.





NISD wishes to thank all the divers that participated in this event as well as its main sponsors for that event HSBC Bank and Wardieh Holding.