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NISD Trip and Dives on the Ramkine Island Caves facing Tripoli

Beirut, 14 September, 2019


Ramkine Island is one of 7 islands located 5.5Km west of Tripoli, Lebanon. The biggest and most famous of these 7 islands are the Palm Island (aka Rabbits Island), the Sanani Island and the Ramkine Island.

Ramkine is a rocky island best known for its old retired lighthouse and its underwater caves.

NISD organized a dive trip to the Ramkine island on September 14, 2019 enjoying a full on boat diving day, exploring the caves and the reefs surrounding the island.


Ramkine Caves Dive

In addition to its daily dives, NISD will continue to organize dive trips to various locations around the Lebanese coastline to offer the best and most enjoyable diving experience.